Wheelchair fashion blogger in Loopy Mango Beacon NY

Donning a Loopy Mango Fringe Hat. I purchased the pattern in April and just finished making it.

It’s not easy living in the ‘burbs. In this wasteland devoid of culture, car ownership is mandatory, social isolation a fact of life and the mundane is elevated to event status.

I mitigate boredom by belonging to a myriad of organizations where I interact with people. After all, I am a people person. Engaging in a hobby to share with a friend is another way to liven up the daily routine. My newest hobby is knitting as it relates to my love of fashion and creativity. My pal, Jamie, taught me how to pick up two needles and knit, and we enjoy meeting every other week to catch up on gossip and create new things.

For several months, we met at my home to help me hone my knitting skills, but we needed a new environment to get out of the house. So where could we go to spread out our supplies and chatter incessantly in comfort? Would a coffee shop serve as a good co-knitting space? Surely, but I despise Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or any ubiquitous, soulless chain.  I would have to drive 5 miles to find a mom and pop coffee shop. So instead, we meet up at…ok, wait for it, because it is rather ridiculous- the massive destination supermarket chain, WEGMANS!!! When I recently confided to a friend that I knit in a supermarket, she keeled over in laughter. Here’s how that convo went:

Friend: Wait, hold on. That is so lame. Knitting in a supermarket? Holy shit, you need to write about that in your blog.

Me: Yeh, it is a bit lame, but Wegman’s has a huge eating area where you can lay out all your shit, drink decent coffee, watch Judge Judy on a huge flatscreen and feast on many take out food options like sushi, pizza, burgers, a vegan/vegetarian buffet section, desserts and sandwiches. Also, it is located in a corporate park area, so I can gaze at cute guys in business suits. They smell really good. We eavesdrop on dull conversations just because and once were startled by the clacking of MAHJONG TILES. No, this ain’t Boca. But it does actually turn into a quasi-geriatric day care center once the lunch crowd dissipates. Suburbia is so freaking lame and isolating that people are clamoring to meet up in public places to break the monotony. You will even find teenagers hanging with their laptops, earbuds, thermos size cups of coffee and junk food spread out on the table. Trust me, I can make even this scenario entertaining. I want you to come with me.

Friend: Uh, no, that sounds like hell to me.

Me: Come on now. It is a slice of heaven. Wegman’s is the size of a football stadium. Where else can you find 25 varieties of goat cheese, spiraled vegetables of every variety, an incredible gourmet chocolate emporium, a massive liquor store and huge gift section just in case you need a birthday gift for your cousin’s mother-in-law? We’re also considering bringing a margarita machine with a pitcher, tequila and the all the trimmings, plug that sucker in and go to town. Wouldn’t that be the ballsiest thing ever? It is such a loud machine. I have never tried knitting under the influence, so that is on my agenda. You could call me “Twisted Knitter”.


So aren’t you curious as to what I am knitting as of late at Wegman’s? A whimsical cotton fringe hat that resembles the hair of a Komondor canine. I purchased the pattern and yarn for $41 at Loopy Mango, my fave knit store in Beacon, NY in April. It’s so shaggy and 60’s, I want to model it on Carnaby Street.

Komondor dog and fringe hat

The Komondor and me wearing a fringe hat.

Loopy Mango fringe beanie hat

This is what it looks like before you fold it to meet both sides and thread a seam to finish it.

Magda at Wegmans with fringe hat

Oh my God, would you get a load of my serious face? It’s all in the details people. I had to add more fringe.

Blue loopy mango fringe hat

Here is one Jamie knitted in blue.

So if you’re looking for some co-crafting with a fashion bent, want to hone your skills as a Maker, then join us for a Meetup just a stone’s throw from my #PFW catwalk. Yup, we’re getting our fashion on at a supermarket, but then we sashay,  shante down the aisles cum runways pushing our shopping carts in stylee.


BLUE fringe bag

Jamie made this bag to match the blue fringe bag. Now that is some fierce supermarket chic.