is a humorous blog about fashion, food, music and pop culture, written by Magdalena, a New Yorker, artist and irreverent mad hatter.

Welcome to my world on wheels! Here’s what makes me roll: the art scene, music, artisanal food, great fashion, global politics and my love for animals. Graphic design is my profession and I’ve branched out exponentially. Fun-loving with an infectious laugh, I love great conversations with amazing depth.

I get around in a wheelchair due to unfortunate circumstances in the 90’s. Nothing stops me from living life to its fullest. Obstacles are simply challenges I overcome.

The minute I was born, I developed distinct cravings for ham, cheese, fashion magazines and music, not necessarily in that order. One of my greatest loves, fashion, never fails to inspire me. I savor every aspect of finding a beloved piece, from first sketch to fabric, to construction and to choice of cut and trim. I appreciate the sweat and tears that go into the creation of each coveted piece.

PrettyCripple baby pic

A  few things about me: I love hats and bright red lipstick. Hats SAVE me- if you’re racing around or just darn lazy, DON A HAT! No need to brush your hair or cover your roots. It’s ok to wear those ratty sweats, but please top it off with a leopard cloche, fire engine red lipstick and a smile! Everyone looks good in hats, just find a style that works for you. And please, lose the baseball hat with ponytail carefully threaded through the back opening. That look just doesn’t cut it.

pretty cripple meat packing district

Animals rock my world. I have two adorable Chihuahua girls. You won’t see them wearing hand knitted couture sweaters because they are dogs, not fashion statements! You also won’t hear me refer to them as ‘fur babies.’ Canines are not humans. Once, on a lark, I attempted to dress them and they became paralyzed with fear, bulbous eyes tearing, yelping with horror. I vowed never, ever to try clothing on them again.

Mirdle-Hattie-ChihuahuasI love my family. They emigrated from Poland in the ’60s, settled in Queens, NY and quickly became acclimated to the American way of life by way of Jello and Entenmann’s coffee cake. I was raised in Forest Hills, Queens which shaped my off-kilter perspective on life. My relatives are interesting, funny, productive, eccentric and have had no involvement in any Ponzi schemes. As they say…relatives, ya don’t get to pick’em. Well, I got supremely lucky in life’s lotto.