My night with Janis Joplin you can keep your bell bottomsJanis Joplin had the munchies. I know she did living in an era of free love, drugs and Southern Comfort. We remember her gyrating her signature frizzy mane during her drug fueled performances. More than anything, Janis Joplin exemplifies the 60’s singing her gut wrenching songs with her uniquely raspy voice. During that time a star didn’t have to look like Rihanna or Beyonce who writhe with glistening gams to make an impact. Janis was in your face, numbing you with her voice and emotions but, it was all about the music. No twerking or Gucci attire necessary.

‏I was convinced that few women could capture her sound, until I heard the voice of Mary Bridget Davis. She portrays Janis in the Broadway hit “A Night with Janis Joplin” at the Lyceum Theater in NYC. I was so impressed that I had to see and hear her live.

Prettycripple at Janis Joplin on Broadway

What would Janis want me to wear to see her live? Neon veiled beanie by Jamie Kreitman, Aimee G. jacket, corduroys, Diane Von Furstenberg patent leather boots

‏I was dazzled by the intimate set design, costumes, psychedelic lights and female blues singers who inspired her music, including Bessie Smith (Taprena Michelle Augustine), Nina Simone (De’Adre Aziza), Aretha Franklin (Allison Blackwell) and Etta James (Nikki Kimbrough.) Mary Bridget resurrected the soulful singer so convincingly, that I wanted to roll on stage to tear at her feather-boa and velvet, bell bottomed seams. Please, Janis/Mary Bridget, do me a fave and put on some lipstick.

Mary Bridget Davis and Janis Joplin

Mary Bridget Davis on Broadway and Janis Joplin. Photo credit Jim Cox; courtesy of Arena. Janis: photo on Pinterest.

‏Unfortunately, after 2. 5 hrs with intermission, I didn’t feel like I got to know the real Janis Joplin. Writer/Director Randy Johnson produced a sanitized version created for the Broadway audience. There was barely a reference to the reality of Janis’s life as a touring musician. The reality was her inability to sustain fulfilling relationships with men, her insecurities and a lonely life on the road eventually succumbing to heroin and alcohol.

‏Growing up in the 70’s, I was in love with the fashion and music of the 60’s. Late 60’s and early 70’s fashion was liberating because it was a pastiche of shapes, textures, colors that didn’t subscribe to any rules. It was ok if you looked like a fool, just as long as you were  comfortable, smoking your bong and toting a anti-war sign.

Dancing Hippies in fringe

We are so comfy in our gross hippie wear, that we sing and dance all night. Photo credit: theLayneBrain blog.

‏I was never a fan of fringe, layers of beaded jewelry, bell bottoms worn with hideous clunky, poop-brown clogs or platform shoes. I loved psychedelic bright colors, mini skirts, chunky heeled patent leather shoes and jumpsuits.

1960s mod skirts and paisley jumpsuit

Photo credit: left: 3 mod women; pink jumpsuit; paisley jumpsuit

‏Given how trendy bellbottoms, frizzy hair wrapped with a bandana and layers of beaded necklaces were, I had to experiment whether I could pull off this hippy look and feel comfortable.

pretty cripple dressed as Janis Joplin

 How vile are bandanas? Vertical stripes on flaccid, gangly legs are a no-no. My legs resemble something in the squid family.

‏‏My final assessment was that there is something to roomy, shapeless clothing and not having to obsess about makeup or hair. I felt liberated, but very homely. In “Magdalena” terms, this style of clothing makes me feel as miserable as being forced into shopping at Bergdorf Goodman wearing a burqa, dung-brown suede Birkenstocks with a Coach bag strapped around my chest. I did make people smile that day in a parking lot in NJ, though. One guy driving a Verizon company truck, burst out laughing and gave me the thumbs up for my style inspiration.


Oh My God, the sky is talking to me. What the hell was in that bong?

PrettyCripple bongs poncho and grateful dead bears

Yippee, I am surrounded by Grateful Dead bears and Gummi Bears. I want to set this stupid poncho on fire with my bong.

Jewelry choking pretty cripple

Help! My jewelry is trying to kill me. Get it off!!!!!!! They are crawling all over me.

Pretty Cripple with pet rocks

These are my pet rocks. They told me Hillary Clinton’s prized pant suit will be President of the US in 2016. My turquoise bracelet will be Vice President. Speaker of the House John Boehner will be the lint on her pant cuff.

If Janis were alive today what would she wear? What would she think about today’s laissez-faire, anything goes, hopelessly sloppy and frumpy fashion ‘tude? Would she be belting out tunes today or would she be an environmentalist and drive up with Willy Nelson behind McDonalds to fuel her bio-diesel tour bus with used vegetable oil? Or conversely, drive a gas guzzling tour bus, own 1M shares of Exxon stock while screeching “Drill, baby drill” off the Gulf of Mexico in her yacht lavishly decorated in tie-dye chic?

‏Either way I will continue listening to her music now and then, but never shall I be caught dead in public wearing fringe, bell bottoms, wrinkled cotton tunics without my red lipstick or John Freida Anti-Frizz Serum.

magda hippy with pet rocks

Some day my pet rocks and I will rule the world. Free healthcare, bongs, peyote, clogs and strawberry scented deodorant for all, funded by Hedge Fund Managers who will be taxed at 70% and drive Hyundais.