Pablo Picasso came back from the dead and made me his muse.

Oh Pablo, I’m flattered. Thanks for making me your muse. I knew that just like Elvis, you never actually died.

I rarely discuss politics on my blog though I am politically active and discuss it ad nauseum with friends and family. America’s next presidential election is less than a year away, so I felt the need to reveal my thoughts before this blog’s final valediction for 2015.

The land of the Brave and the Free will enter 2016 seemingly hopeless as the political maelstrom continues to overflow with xenophobia, racism, and two inept parties incapable of solving any crisis much less restore hope to a vanishing middle class. Democracy is absent, stupidity and fear endemic, and more people have become inured to the toxic rhetoric of the GOP. They encourage us to live in fear, paranoia and animosity.

I foresee little to no improvement in our system as both parties are blocked from farting without the tacit approval of the NRA, Big Pharma, Fortune 500, or the military death complex lobbyists.

As hopeless as our political system seems, I don’t want to wallow in hopelessness. Hope must exist and does so in the creative world. I credit my wonderful, artistic friends and seeking refuge in the world of fashion. I am sure many of you feel the same way, which helps me stay positive in January.

January, named after the Roman god Janus, signifies beginnings and transitions. Janus is depicted with two faces, one looking forward, one looking backward.  I see him as a positive figure since he simultaneously looks to the future and the past,  symbolizing change and transitions. Normally, January is a miserable month with snow and cold, so this year I decided to make plans with friends and throw parties on the weekend. Better to spend time celebrating than mope during this dreary time of year.

Jacquemus Paris runway model 2015. Great makeup inspiration.

Looks like the French fashion designer Jacquemus was inspired by Surrealism when he sent his models on the runway March 2015. If Janus were a goddess do you think she would look like us? I couldn’t resist painting my face this way.

Here’s a video to show you my ‘two faces’ work in action.


Jacquemus Paris Runway 2015 show with Pretty Cripple surreal makeup inspiration

Jacquemus model photo by Yannis Vlamos via

In 2016, I will try a brand new creative endeavor. I have been mulling through the idea of writing a book, since friends have been pressuring me for years to just DO IT. I will try to jumpstart the process and see where it takes me. No details will be revealed just yet, but I guarantee that this endeavor will be creatively unhinged and amusing with brightly colored images accompanied with my signature honest prose.

If you have thought of doing something creative, why don’t you start it in 2016? Let’s not entertain any more excuses and don’t let fear hold you back.

Let’s get something straight. Each individual will go through experiences in their lifetime of great pain and great joy. These experiences, even mediocre ones, should be motivation to be who you want to be. For me, that was to be forthright, funny and unapologetic. I have been so since birth and one of my first childhood memories was sheer boredom in kindergarten class due to an uninspiring and dull  teacher. I remember a particular incident in which I sighed heavily, stood up and moved to the end of the table. I whispered to my friends “Let’s start playing patty cake ’cause I’m really bored.” The teacher overheard this and her mouth dropped. She scolded me and sent me to pout in the classroom corner. I hoped that my actions signaled to the teacher that she was beyond boring. My behavior was considered very rude for a child. Today, this behavior is considered either a sign of ADHD or a sign of independent and creative thinking. I like to think that I fall into the latter, as a trailblazer and as a classroom leader initiating imaginative thinking, vision and resourcefulness.

On that note, here’s my list of the top FIVE for 2016:

1. Laugh like a madman even if people stare at you. Laughter is so infectious that even if you have the loudest, most obnoxious laugh, people will laugh around you.

2. Do something creative and don’t be afraid. AT LEAST TRY.

3. Find something you are good at and just DO IT. Be the best that you can be.

4. Do you hold a grudge about something that happened in the past and can’t let go? Forgettaboutit and surprise yourself how quickly you can let go if you set your mind to it.

5. Donate time to your community or organization. They need your help. You will feel good and eventually good things will come back to you. That is how life works. Some call it Karma.

Finally, I prefer to keep rolling forward briefly glancing at the past in my rear view mirror. My perspective is always to keep moving forward.