Cardinal rules on 5th Avenue

NY Easter Hat parade

I’ve broken some cardinal rules at the NY Easter Hat Parade. Cardinal red. A lady in red loves to break rules. I needed to start off this post with a double entendre. Wake up people!

I wasn’t feeling “pastel-ish” for this year’s NY Easter Hat Parade. Instead, my intent was to show up as a fashion celebrant who scored an awesome haul from a Comme des Garcons boutique. You may wonder why I chose cardinal red for Easter. Consider for a moment that the word “cardinal” conjures up more than a bird and more than a color. Men of the cloth, donned in ecclesiastical red robes, come to mind as do cardinal sins and 18th century women cloaked in cardinal capes. If you follow my blog, then you might know that this Fifth Avenue Easter Parade is a highlight in my fashion calendar. Give me any reason to play dress up and I will joyfully join in the fray of dandies and creatives. In case you were wondering who designed my jacket, it is the designer Kei Ninomiya, a protege of the Comme des Garcons brand. He is a bit of an enigma, doesn’t give lengthy interviews and is rarely photographed, but his designs make my eyes tear and send my heart aflutter.

Every year I look forward to talk to the regulars at the parade. One person I adore is Goth Girl. She is someone I look forward to see every year because I love her warm, funny personality and  that she celebrates the Goth scene with such enthusiasm.  I have and always will love Goths, since I dabbled in that scene in my teen years. When I rolled over to talk to her she said: “I missed you last year. Where were you? I was so psyched to show you my new fangs.” Yes, you read that correctly. She had custom dental fangs permanently adhered to her two front teeth. I have no clue where you can have this done but I am certain if you ask Google “where can I get custom fangs” you will find a dentist that does that type of custom work. I love that Goth Girl (her name is Justice, but I love calling her Goth Girl anyway) was excited to share her fang story with me. I wish I had the time to tell her that vampires scared the shit out of me until my late teen years. I attribute that burning fear to the time my father took me to see the movie “Nosferatu” when I was 7 years old in Manhattan. Who the hell takes a kid to see one of the most terrifying vampire movies of all time? A rule breaker that is who.

ny easter hat parade goth girl and wheelchair blogger

This is Goth Girl. We were one of the few women decked out in black in red.

ny easter hat parade mask

Isn’t this the most stunning crystal mask, hat hybrid? I don’t even know how to describe it, but this beautiful woman mesmerized me.

dog at the ny easter hat parade

Americans sure do love dogs. You wouldn’t believe all the dogs that pranced around in their exuberant regalia.

ny easter hat parade mark zuckerberg is evil

Is Mark Zuckerberg evil? I am not sure about that. I don’t like the amount of information Facebook collects about us, or the government for that matter. At this stage of the game, will any amount of protest make a difference?


ny easter hat parade

I couldn’t stop laughing over this photographer who tied a Trump face mask with cut out irises and a huge rubber band to the back of her news boy cap. Watch out! Trumpet is watching you!

vintage vixens at the NY Easter Hat Parade

Look at these vintage vixens. Aren’t they delicious?

peta women at the ny easter day hat parade

Women who hate fur. Just in case you were wondering, they are wearing gorgeous faux fur coats. Why is the woman who looks like she is dressed for Marilyn Manson’s funeral holding a dead lamb covered in black tulle? Because meat is murder, people.

ny easter hat parade

What in the hell is this supposed to be? It is a upcycled plastic cup and jellybean orb of course. I have no clue how this person could see through it, but in NY anything is possible.

ARE YOU THERE GOD? IT’S ME MAGDA. Thanks for coming down to visit NY. Where have you been? The world is a shit show, a reality tv star is our president, Syria and Yemen are burning to the ground and the Kardashians are still relevant. We could use some help down here.  Message me if you would like my help.

jesus at the NY easter hat parade

Jesus is in da house!

ny easter hat parade bull dog

What a face. Don’t you love bulldogs?

ny easter hat parade

How heavy do you think this woman’s head gear is?  I forgot to ask her. When I saw her I couldn’t help but think of the “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy  is in Hollywood on a movie set standing at the top of a long staircase with a huge head piece. She underestimates the weight of it, tries to proceed gracefully down the steps and then falls down the entire staircase from the weight of the hat.

purely patricia at the ny easter hat parade

This is “Purely Patricia.” She always designs the most complicated, colorful outrageously creative costume.

I had such a wonderful time celebrating Easter in NYC. The weather was perfect and the energy of fellow creatives is still with me 24 hours later. In those 24 hours, would you believe that we in New York woke up to five inches of snow? I can taste spring though, by way of artistic New Yorkers who attended the Easter Hat Parade.

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  1. Are you there Magda? It’s me, god. You are already doing a smashing job of helping the world by just being you (your humor, fashion savvy and penchant for calling people on their shit doesn’t hurt either). Keep up the good work! —godddessjcmuhamedbuddhashemjehovavishnukalizeusandhiscrazybeard

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