pink polish brand flight bomber jacket

I live in one of the U.S.’s most expensive areas, less than an hour outside of NYC. Taxes are through the roof on account of the myriad social programs, health care options, well paid police, teachers and politicians.

So our governor—and presidential hopeful— Andrew Cuomo, likes to toss some extra coinage upon his loving subjects in the form of a property tax relief at the end of the year. If you knew what I paid in property taxes for a condo, you would keel over and praise the Lord you don’t live in NY. I suck up the outrageous costs of living since I have access to a bounty of cultural institutions, activities, events and all that the greatest city on earth has to offer.

This year, I shrieked with delight when I received my biggest payout yet. I couldn’t wait to spend it on fashion, of course, because what else do you do with extra money? Save it for retirement? Ah, ha, ha, that’s hilarious. Why would I dare do that? No way. This year I dropped bank at, my favorite fashion etailer, who sells clothing globally through boutiques, located in places like Tokyo, Miami, London, Macau, India, and now POLAND. Poland of all places. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that someday, I would not have to fly to countries to shop, but with the click of my mouse, have access to such beauty, have it delivered under a week and with a simplified returns policy.

In case you didn’t know this about me,  my family immigrated to NY from Warsaw. Even though I was born in NY, Polish was my first language. I have always been proud of my heritage and more recently have felt tremendous pride that not only is Poland doing well economically, Polish fashion designers are on the fashion world’s radar.

misbhv pink bomber jacket

Misbhv pink bomber, flight jacket – on – “Warszawa” printed on the back over a printed graphic panel. If you are wondering  who that woman with red sunglasses is, I have no clue. I like the randomness of using her image.

pretty cripple pink bomber jacket misbhv

Everyone needs a fitted bomber jacket.

Case in point, the streetwear fashion label, MISBHV, (pronounced misbehaving), headquartered in Warsaw,  manufactures their clothing in Poland and has made their NY Fashion Week debut showcasing their spring 2017 collection.

This fledgling brand has been selling to the world’s coolest boutiques and a select few luxury ecommerce sites. One such site, is my favorite retail site, which partners with over 190 boutiques across the world. So when I came across the MISBHV collection, I was compelled to buy something. Mind you, I had been eyeing flight jackets for months now. Not only are they trendy and will be for at least another year, I have a soft spot for them since they were a part of my college uniform. Back then, I owned a claret jacket since it was far more distinctive than black or army green. But when I saw one on FarFetch in bright fuschia, I HAD to have it. While one can buy a flight jacket for less than $150 from many fast fashion retailers, you will not get the same quality as the one I purchased. This jacket is cut beautifully in sumptuous fabric and trimmed with quality hardware. Fast fashion simply can’t replicate this detail at their low price points.

back of pink misbhv flight jacket

I need more jackets like a hole in the head. How to justify acquiring a PINK FLIGHT JACKET? Damn, I need this and all because of my beloved Governor Cuomo. Doesn’t every American want their government to subsidize their fashion spending? I can’t be speaking only for myself!  My answer is a resounding YES! Let’s hear it for NY State and cheer the government in hopes of a greater refund in 2019.  I’ve got my eye on a fabulous pair of trainers to match my Polish purchase and would love this tax rebate to cover the cost. Heck, I’m entitled as a taxpaying citizen!

Governor Cuomo

Thanks Governor Cuomo for being the new face of ‘political pink’. I hope that promoting pink fashion among men will be one of his top campaign achievements in 2018. Affordable healthcare needs a temporary back seat.  It’s time to bring street wear into the acceptable-political-fashion-front stage.