Wheelchair Fashion Blogger It's Paris Fashion Week

In honor of Paris Fashion Week I’m wearing my very first knitted sweater. It took me 5 months to knit, and boy am I proud of myself. If you would like to knit yourself one then head to the LOOPY MANGO site for their pattern and beautiful, cloud like yarn with saturated colors. The color I am wearing is SPICY PINK.

I have an endless list of why I haven’t focused on the fashion shows occurring during London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. Firstly, my posse and  I have been riveted by the Judge Brett Kavanaugh senate hearing spectacle. Next, what was going on with Kanye West dressed as a water bottle for the season premiere of Saturday Night Live? And most importantly, establishing new arts programs for the non-profit organization, Haverstraw Riverwide Arts, has taken up a good deal of my time. I am also looking forward to seeing singer/songwriter who has the most impeccable sense of style, Leon Bridges, who is performing at Radio City Hall this weekend.

Paris Fashion Week was a yawn-fest this year. Very few designers made an exceptional statement. Usually Paris shows are my faves out of all the runway shows, but this year has certainly not been ground breaking. I was sorely disappointed and bored. The theatrics overshadowed whatever creativity sauntered down the catwalk. Click throughs were at a rapid pace with each slide presentation.

As far as trends are concerned, the most hideous and egregious is the BIKER SHORT for next spring. They are awkward and unflattering on almost every body type. Why have designers resorted to such depths? Have they run out of ideas for the masses to latch onto? Biker shorts….really?  I am already repulsed by the wear-all-day athleisure trend. Skin tight shorts are best reserved for cyclists, not paired with flouncy tops and shoulder padded tailored jackets. This trend has taken athleisure another step downwards by being approved as every wear, any wear. So, KILL ME.

biker shorts trend spring 2019

LEFT: MIU MIU – photo by Monica Feudi; MARINE SERRE – photo courtesy of Marine; CHANEL – photo by Kim Weston Arnold. All photos via Vogue.com.


modesty dress trend spring 2019

Here’s what to wear when you are signaling to a potential suitor that you are “never in the mood…” LEFT: JOHN GALLIANO – photo by Kim Weston Arnold via Vogue.com; ATSUSHI NAKASHIMA (Doesn’t her name make you hungry?) photo courtesy of PR via NowFashion.com; VIKA GAZINSKAYA – photo courtesy of Vika


Net trend spring 2019

Left: Y’s – photo courtesy of Y’s; YANG LI – photo courtesy by Yang; CHLOÉ – photo by Kim Weston Arnold. All via Vogue.com.


NOIR Kea Ninomiya spring 2019

I can’t get enough of Noir. What he always bring to the fashion table is his innovative textiles and styling. Are those wigs constructed out of shaving cream? Nope, they were made from tufted seed pods. Photos by Yannis Vlamos all via Vogue.com.

fave designs for spring 2019

LEFT: ANREALAGE – photo by Luca Tombolini; OLIVIER THEYSKENS – photo by Kim Weston Arnold. Photos via Vogue.com. RIGHT: ROMANCE WAS BORN – photo by Charles Dennington.

As for other trends, they’re not even worth mentioning. Instead take a look at my boards and feel as disenchanted as I. I’m gonna pick up my two sticks, some hot pepper pink yarn and create for myself something exceptional. Knitting is the new Xanax. A perfect antidote to an uninspiring Spring 2019 fashion month.

wheelchair fashion blogger

I need more pink in this outfit.