Lunching with Governor Cuomo to thank him for my tax rebate

There has never been a US entitlement program I didn’t like.  As a resident of NY state, I count on these government handouts to help me maintain the luxury of living in the Lower Hudson Valley. These handouts are as follows:

– subsidized healthcare

– mortgage deduction

– various write-offs for freelance businesses

– tax rebates

Entitlements get a bad rap because in today’s divided political climate, people would rather engage in nasty repartee without fact checking. It’s often thought that  the poor and middle class receive ‘hand-outs’ because they are lazy. Wealthy people and corporations receive corporate welfare because they are worthy. 

It’s exhausting to try to have rational discussions, so instead I look to the government to fuel my sense of entitlement with a fashion-forward handout just in time for NY Fashion Week (NYFW) in February.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state of NY surely understand  NYFW, since the industry generates almost $2B in revenue for NY. For the second year in a row, Gov. Cuomo has bequeathed the middle & upper class a tax rebate check if you own a home, make less than 200K a year and your town or village falls under the 2% tax cap. Lucky for me, I meet all the criteria and can now put my windfall to good use.

In last year’s blog post, I wrote how I spent my tax rebate check on

Did you think I would be paying down debt or saving it? PULEEZ.  I am not going to apologize for trying to resuscitate myself over the presidential election outcome. I am not a fan of mood altering meds. As you well know from my myriad blogposts, fashion is my anti-depressant. And, I NEED to look good.

So, what’s the tax rebate expenditure for 2016? You got it….. a pair of zip-up giraffe print booties with omni-triangulated geodesic dome, lipstick red heels by Frances Valentine.

Frances Valetine giraffe print zip bootie

I had a get-together this past weekend. Instead of placing a cake on this cake stand, I opted to showcase  my new boot on it. Some friends remarked, “Ew, how do you expect us to serve dessert on that thing? Do you have Clorox wipes?” My retort: “Shitheads. It’s not like I walk in them. Have you noticed how my shoes always look new? 20 years from now, those boots will still be intact. Leave them on the cake stand.”

I eyed these dolls the entire fall season, patiently waiting for them to go on sale. I am not alone.  Some people plan trips obsessively the entire year. I plan actual dates to  visit websites that sell shoes and clothing.

Frances Valentine giraffe print booties and prettycripple

I am praising God for my brand new shoe purchase. He said, “Girl, that vintage silk turban makes my Kingdom sing Kanye songs!” I know right, God?

So who is this brand Frances Valentine, who also sells beautiful hand bags? They are the newest venture  by Kate and Andy Spade. Yes, that Kate Spade who came to fame producing her line of iconic nylon bags in the 90s. The shoes are at a higher price point than the Kate Spade brand; and are produced in Italy and Spain. I love their offerings because they are more modern and sophisticated without being as ‘cutesy’ as Kate Spade. 

In closing, Cuomo’s tax rebate check won’t continue to fund my shopping spree in 2017. Maybe tweeting The Donald, reminding him about his promised tax cuts, will result in another windfall worthy of a wild spree at Dover Street Market. Who knows what the future holds, but a girl can dream. Given Donnie only loves attractive women, if Governor Cuomo doesn’t provide any new tax cuts or incentives, I shall tweet the hulking-billionaire- in-command demanding I receive some pretty-girl  entitlements. 

Pretty Cripple praising Indian food with Governor Cuomo

prettycripple wheelchair blogger

Alone at last.