As a creative person, I need to keep busy during the era of self-quarantining. My newest creative outlet is paying tribute to one of many favorite bands from the 80s, hip-hop band, The Beastie Boys. Last year the Beasties released a memoir, and this year a new documentary, “The Beastie Boys Story.” So I decided to collaborate with my friend, Jesse, who happens to be a film and video producer.

In this video I decided to dress up as Adam Yauch, the brains behind the Beasties, from their 1994 “Sabotage” video. It also happens to be one of the best videos ever, followed by Madonna’s “Borderline”. In case you don’t know, Sabotage spoofs 1970s Cop Crime TV and was directed by Spike Jonze, who also directed their documentary.

As many of you probably know, the Beasties are one of Brooklyn’s most famous Jews. Having grown up around Jews my entire life, I wondered if I, too, might have some Jewish genes. Recently I took an DNA test, where it was revealed that I am…drum roll now… ONE PERCENT JEWISH. That’s right only 1%. I thought I was at the 20% mark, but nope, I am now a 1 percenter. Oh well, 1 percent puts me into an elite category.

In honor of the Beasties and my new-found Jewish heritage, what better way to commemorate this occasion than ordering a Jewy-meat-box? Mozel Tov. I dropped $150 dollars on a “Pastrami Sandwich Kit from Sarge’s Deli, a 50 year old mainstay in NYC.

Sarge’s Deli – Jewy-Meat-Box. Pastrami, pickles, knishes, mustard, Rugelach and rye. I ate this entire box in 3 days with a couple of hooligans.

Additionally, this documentary is also a tribute to Beastie, Adam Yauch, who died of cancer on May 4th, 2012. I’m still in mourning and grateful for his legacy of some of the best rap music ever. Life simply isn’t fair-some of the shittiest people are still alive, but Adam is gone. 

I watched this film in my dude-gear and went to sleep wearing it, because not only do I love dressing like a dude, I was so hammered from drinking beer and wine that I passed out anyway, with a pastrami sandwich still in my mouth.

Thanks Beasties, your music changed my life for the better in the late 80s, and I will always love you for it.
(Watch my video outtake in the end.)

I am dressed up as Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys in their 1994 “Sabotage” video directed by Spike Jonze.
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