Vintage July 4th postcard 1908

Hi everyone. I won’t create a long post this week because I am on VAY-CAY. I would like to wish everyone a Happy July 4th.

Don’t you love this vintage postcard from 1908 by P. Sander of NY? Nothing screams BAD PARENTING more than having a toddler sitting on a pile of lit fireworks with a nearby canon going off. Was he the son of the artist? Did anyone bother trying to contact the Department of Children’s Services on him? Probably not. Parenting was much looser back then. A word of advice America: don’t let your toddlers play with fire works. Exercise caution.

I love fireworks so will definitely watch them in awe and take photos. However, my chihuahuas hate them and sit under my bed shaking in fear. I shut all the windows and leave on mellow music like Neco Case to try and soothe them. Silly dogs, I wish I could relax them by offering them a glass of Pinot Grigio, but I would probably end up killing them instead, so no good.

I leave you all with this photo of painter Bob Ross. Remember him? He died on July 4th, 1995. I loved watching his PBS show ‘The Joy of Painting’ because it soothed me and the sight of his fro made me laugh out loud to the point of passing out.  He was always so cheerful and happy to be alive. Was he like that naturally, or was his brain fried from a life time of inhaling oil paints and turpentine? Either way, he was a decent soul that always put a smile on my face. I wonder if he is painting heaven now?

Bob Ross the painter with afroPhoto from Voices of East Anglia

Over and out.


Fireworks (Photo credits:

Fireworks #1

Fireworks #1 (Photo credit: Camera Slayer)


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