Prettycripple-Queen-of-Vintage-MagdalenaIt should come as no surprise to anyone who reads my blog that I am influenced by all things vintage. I can’t identify what it is that I love about the visuals of all things from previous decades, but they always pique my interest.

Growing up it was challenging to find vintage clothing, since I either had to go into NYC or shop at antique shops locally. Today, I am able to feed my passion with the myriad of online vintage sites which offer affordable and accessible vintage pieces.

One of the many websites I love to follow is the vintage maven’s must-read, “Queens of Vintage“. This site appeals to everyone who is interested in vintage fashion, beauty, interiors, culture and competitions. One of the areas of the site which intrigued me was the “TOP 100 QUEENS“. Each week, Lena, the editor, showcases and interviews a woman who displays her great love and devotion to vintage replete with backstory and photos.

On August 26th, I was honored to be anointed QUEEN No. 125 by Lena. A Queen? I think NOT! I’m more like the court jester, cracking everyone up, always in full fashionable attire, bien sûre, making the social rounds at every party, enjoying the eats and libation. Surely, I’ll graciously don my crown to be Queen for a day (or week) and fulfill my duties.

Every morning I wake up and look forward to what might inspire me that day. There is so much about life that can make us happy, though we may question ourselves and become angry by all the inequity in the world. There is always an uplifting story to find in a world that feeds off negativity. There is always someone or something out there who will allow us to forget momentarily–or hopefully longer–that we can choose to see the beauty in many things or be angry about things we can’t control. I try to see the good in most things since I can’t put myself in someone else’s shoes. So my advice to anyone who is suffering from low self esteem or makes excuses about something that they have either wanted to do or telling someone off who has hurt them, but they have put it off too long. Do yourself a favor and start now. Start the project you’ve been procrastinating. If someone has hurt you, TELL THEM! They are not clairvoyant. Tell them they have hurt you, but you are not broken and now they are dead to you. My life has been challenging at times, but I grow stronger daily and I would much rather inspire people, make them laugh, than doubt myself and not live up to my full potential.

Do you have a story you want to share about personal growth or whatever else? Contact me or leave a comment below. We should always try to inspire each other.


This is Mirdle, my polka-dotted 5 year old Chihuahua. She has dark grey dots covering her entire body. Doesn’t she match perfectly with my vintage polka dot dress? She also likes to dance–preferably to Ska or Reggae. (No joke.)

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