Allow me to give your head some sartorial guidance. Perch a custom headband by @tongueinchicjamiekreitman

What have all of you been up to since the start of the pandemic? Me? I have been watching the world burn from my entitled, privileged NY bubble.

Some of my friends insist I stop watching the news, but how would I otherwise distinguish myself from the rubes that I run into on a daily basis? Knowledge is power, even if it means I leave my bubble pondering who I would love to punch in the face next. Don’t worry, I know how to mitigate rage via knitting pretty.

I also like to stay busy with creative endeavors. One project I have in the works is being finalized, so stay tuned.
Another is boasting about the headbands my designer friend, Jamie Kreitman is producing. She gifted me the one you see perched on my head for my birthday. She knows I adore headbands, but am discerning when it comes to purchasing them. Too many either leave me with a headache, or look like something your mother giddily brought home from Talbots. Jamie tinkered for weeks, until she finalized two designs, which can be purchased on her Etsy page.

INTRODUCING The Étoile de Noir and Punky Brewster.

Etoile de Noir headband by Jamie Kreitman
Etoile de Noir
Punky Brewster

This pandemic has not been difficult for me. I joked with some friends that sitting around in sweats, not required to manage your day-to-day hygiene is quite liberating. But, after having received the vaccine in April, I had to reenter the world. Bathing more than once a week is now de rigeur, so I decided to peel off my crusty, monthly washed clothing and replace it with new apparel, shoes and headbands. It feels great to feel so soigné. I highly recommend it.

Other than that, not that much has changed in my life. I do feel like my aversion to bullshit has expanded. I thought this pandemic would humble more people, except it hasn’t. At least not here in the NYC area.

Eh, that’s ok. There are ways to tune out the cacophony. I stay busy creating, socializing and fine tuning my sarcasm and dead pan humor.

One goal is to blog more often. It is difficult to find some downtime in between nation building and staging coups in far flung countries. Over and out.