I know fashion like Peter Pan knows green tights. A shout out to Fashion Week and Lincoln Center for an amazing and pleasant parking experience. I was treated like a queen when security greeted me at the special lot for reserved parking. I was beyond the beyond when I saw signage with my name designating my special parking spot. This was going to be a special day.

I entered the Lincoln Center plaza with women’s fashion designer Jamie Kreitman, on day 6 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week wearing a bright persimmon dress by Opening Ceremony, silver buckled boots by Elizabeth and James, a vintage leopard fascinator, hand bag by Sarah Cavender Metalworks and a lucite necklace by Adia Kibur. I was bowled over by the visual smorgasbord before me. I locked my wheelchair in brake position for a good half hour, so I could take in the painterly splendor of all the fashion that whisked before me like a Ridley Scott movie.

What captivated me most was the mouthwatering street style fashion which rivals collections being shown on the catwalk. Watching how people put themselves together, mixing and matching prints, textures, accessories and attitude is far more fascinating than the professionally styled runway.

I witnessed fashion sans attitude, snobbery and drama, with great pluck, creativity and a sense of adventure.

I met the most amazing, cordial, fashion loving people I have met in years. It was so easy to roll up and ask them about their style influence. Though I am fearless in social situations, dealing with fashion folk can be intimidating. However, the stylistas I met at NYFW were courteous and very forthcoming. We complimented each other, photographed one another and bonded over our fashion obsessions. I met bloggers and tourists who spoke English from Belgium to Japan (take note Americans who won’t attempt to learn another language). The fashion enthusiasts inquired which designers are worn and why. I experienced a human connection which I love and which seems to be an anathema in a country obsessed with social media. I NEED that connection and found it at Fashion Week of all places. The interesting part was that everyone was amenable to shedding their fashion facade so readily when I approached them with a smile. A smile does wonders and is the greatest fashion tool.

Here is the amalgam of fashion inspirations which left an indelible impression on me on par with when I first gazed upon the paintings of Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi.



Rose Mayo – NY Fashion blogger – www.blondeinthiscity.com


This woman visited from China for a few days, did not have a stitch of makeup and had flawless skin. Damn her.


Fashion Stylist Faustina Rose – bunny ear hat designed by Philomena Kwok

NY street style at fashion week

Don’t you just love her Aperlai shoes and Wild Fox sunnies?


I love this guy. I was smitten with Hardcore Punk guys in the 80s and his ensemble made me nostalgic and happy to see that people still express them self without boundaries. Right on Mr. Mohawk!

NY-Streetstyle-FashionWk-MenNY Male street style fashion week

NY street style fashion week September 2013

Don’t you love her cat eye sunnies? My heart skips a beat when I see women swimming in Chanel accessories.

I will finish out my review of Fashion Week in a few days with some photos of magazine editors and other fashion notables I snapped including Project Runway’s Tim Gunn. Stay tuned.

NY City Bitch at Fashion Week

Take it from one bitch to another bitch – NY City bitches rule. After I chatted with her for a bit, I said “See ya bitch!” She laughed.

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