A twisted tale of Denim

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About a week ago after perusing the Fall 2013 collections online, I stumbled upon this photo during London Fashion Week. I continue to be inspired by street style and was absolutely captivated by her refashioned denim jean turban. My reaction? I GASPED, HOLLERED AND SHRIEKED, whereupon my head hit the wireless computer keyboard.

Why do I love this turban look? This London fashion follower took the ubiquitous jean, worn by rich and poor alike and reinvented it into something entirely novel. Dungaree jeans have been repurposed into handbags, caps, shoes and jewelry. But never, ever a TURBAN!

I want to look as cool school as this London turban wrapped fashionista.

How can I twist some jeans and make’em work for me? I scoured my closet and discovered an old pair of super-bad, super flare jeans that never worked for me. Being the green eco-geeko that I am, could I possibly restitch, refashion and repurpose these flares into a turban crowning my blond mane?

I had to make my new obsession come to life. I worked assiduously, ripping, pinning, draping, manipulating and twisting the unyielding denim of my jeans into a turban shape. I envisioned a glam-fabulous denim wrap sitting atop my head, strangers marveling at my creativity as I rolled down the street.

Finally, the DIM (did it myself) turban was finished! I took my pièce de résistance out for a test spin around my condo complex. During my outing, it occurred to me that there are so many places where I could wear my new URBAN TURBAN.

Here’s a list which will have you in stitches:

1. Wear your URBAN TURBAN to Dunkin Donuts®. During my visit, the manager was so taken with my design skills, that he comped me a dozen donuts and a couple of Lite Lattes.

wearing a turban at Dunkin Donuts

2. Wear the URBAN TURBAN while baking your organic carrot cake frosted with local NY State sheep milk icing. Beats a pastry hat any day.

Baking with a jean turban.

After I bake I like to juice everything in sight with my red Montel Williams Living Well Juicer (as seen to the right.)

What do I wear when I bake? Fred Perry polo, Boz eyeglasses and Mac lipstick in Amplified #457

3. Sit in a sauna with the URBAN TURBAN  and don’t forget to bring your fancy vintage fan from Mallorca, Spain.  DO fan yourself before you start to feel faint. Take it from Karl!

Magda in a sauna

Look, could you please turn the heat down in this dump? I just lost 15 lbs. in the last 10 minutes.

What am I wearing? Morrisey concert t-shirt as seen in this post, black sweat pants rolled up, Prada ballet flats, vintage fan from Mallorca, Spain.

4. HATE the gym. Sweating in public repulses me, however, if you wear a denim URBAN TURBAN,  it readily soaks up sweat, much like a towel.

Morrisey and Magda at the gym

God I hate this hell hole.

5. The URBAN TURBAN is a great cocktail conversation opener. There’s never a loss for words when wearing this piece. You can always TWIST AND SHOUT if you need to make a quick exit. Pair with crystal diamond chandelier earrings to take it from wash-day look to exotic evening.

Balmain earrings and jean turban

Wear your jean turban with Balmain’s Fall 2013 Chandelier Crystal earrings fresh off the runway. (image from Style.com)

I firmly believe that you can always salvage a well worn, used piece. Repurpose and refashion rather than toss into a Goodwill bin which will ultimately find its way to second-hand markets halfway around the world. Why add to the vicious cycle of fast-fashion, which ultimately harms the environment, by buying new substandard merch all the time?
Creativity knows no bounds. I always dressed with that in mind and paid little heed to critics. What do they know? Ultimately, I dress to please myself and give that advice to all who admire my bold fashion choices.  Get creative and make your own style statement even if that means twisting your jean pants’ legs into an URBAN TURBAN.

Outside Dunkin Donuts wearing a turban

When in doubt snap a smart Street-Styler behind a Dunkin Donuts®.

What am I wearing? Face à Face sunnies, Moschino jacket, Custo Barcelona scarf, J Brand cargo pants, CoCo Milano ankle boots, Jamie Kreitman® bracelets, YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in Red Muse 17.

Styled by Jamie Kreitman®.

Check out IFB’s (International Fashion Bloggers) Project #93: FAVORITE DENIM LOOKS where I entered this post for their challenge. What is your favorite denim look?

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