Blanket Cape trend with Karl Lagerfeld

A new fashion item has been introduced into the fashion world bringing the way we dress to a new low.

It’s a natural addition to the array of comfortable, shleppy staples that Americans have increasingly embraced over the past decade. What could this item be, joining the ranks of fleece hoodies, Ugg boots, outdoor pajamas, wearable bath towels and yoga wear? A blanket, of course! Yup, people are draping blankets over their shoulders, around their necks, wearing them outdoors in winter 2015. Why do you ask? Because they’re warm, comfy and elevated loungewear. After all, the Snuggy burst onto the market as the ultimate blankie complete with sleeves and became the couch potato uniform par excellence.

Snuggy balnket fashion

Oh look, I can purchase fashion on TV  while watching Wheel of Fortune for only $15. Does this come in tartan plaid too?

I was peevish when I spotted those ‘blanket statements‘ on the runway last January/February. But when my friend, designer Jamie Kreitman, draped her Fashion Cozy around my shoulders one cold afternoon, I felt awash in comfort and serenity. It was that warm feeling akin to swallowing an Oxycontin with a glass of red wine.

Surely, at first glance when you’d see a woman wearing a blanket and think “Oh my God, are you REALLY wearing a BLANKET?!!” Yet, this is what makes fashion so damn exciting each season. The genius of designers is how they adapt a prosaic item into a wearable, edgy and coveted piece. Or conversely you might be thinking “How much lower can fashion sink when blankets become designer runway statements?”

Designer Blanket Coat trend 2014 - Burberry, Stella McCartney & Chloe

Photos: Burberry – photo by Kim Weston/;  Stella McCartney – photo courtesy of Stella McCartney and Chloe – photo courtesy of Chloe – all via

As I sat warm and cozy, I pondered, “is it acceptable to sit in front of my computer assessing the Haute Couture shows in Paris swaddled in a blanket?” You BET’CHA! Keep in mind that it isn’t just the blanket that matters, but the entire look. Though the models sashay down the runway in outfits made of precious fabrics with luscious hand-embroidered details, it is the accessories, the headpieces and hats that make me swoon. I may not be sitting front row with Anna at the couture showings, but still…my head is veiled, my tweed knitted armwarmers sparkle, and my feet are shod in shiny Miu Miu patent leather sneakers. Things could be worse, I could be sitting in a onesie and a Snuggy.


Wearing a blanket coat knitting

I’m wearing a blanket. So what?

Let’s talk couture.

My heart sank when I saw these Chanel knit beanies. Ils sont magnifiques.

The entire show and collection is spectacular. It took 6 months to create the magical, mechanical,  paper garden set. Please watch the live Chanel Haute Couture 2015 show here.

Chanel hats from Spring 2015 Couture Week in Paris

Chanel knit hats – all photos by Kim Weston Arnold via

Couture gowns from Couture fashion week in Paris 2015

Left: Chanel –  photo by Kim Weston Arnold; Giambattista Valli – photo by Yanni Vlamos; Armani Privé – photo by Kim Weston Arnold all via

hats and veiled fascinators from Haute Couture Week 2015 in Paris

Ulyana Sergeenko hat (top left) – photo courtesy of Ulyana; Schiaparelli – photo by Kim Weston Arnold; Giambattista Valli headband with veil – photo by Gianni Pucci.

Couture gowns Paris fashion week 2015

Beauty can overwhelm. Some who witness it either cry or gasp. I happen to laugh uncontrollably. The flamingo corals and techno yellows in these shows made me laugh and then salivate. But then I also came to the conclusion that  eyes are annoying. Their sole purpose is to receive visual cues. After witnessing these creations made by 3 men with undeniable visual chops, my  eyes wanted to see and chew up those garments at the same time. God failed us all by not giving our eyes teeth.  Left gown by Chanel  – photo by Kim Weston Arnold; Dior – photo by Yannis Vlamos; Giambattista Valli – photo by Yannis Vlamos – all via

DRUM ROLL: My favorite dress from Couture Fashion Week is by Chanel.

Chanel honeycomb dress for Couture week 2015

Back off bees. I am onto your cross pollinating scheme. Find another home.

I can’t leave you without featuring items from couture week’s cackling  unforgettable crescendo.

Diamond Beard by ON AURA TOUT VA couture fashion week 2015

Calling all lumberjack ladies have I got a beard for you! This one comes with fake diamonds by  designer ON AURA TOUT VU.  Photo courtesy of Imaxtree via

Jean Paul Gaultier denim bee keeper overall gown Couture week 2015

Hum, what do we have here? I think Jean Paul Gaultier could use a vacation. What is this? Perfect for the woman who is an 18th century courtesan, farmer and beekeeper all in one. Photo by Yannis Vlamos via

Jean Paul Gaultier wedding bride updo couture week 2015

Brides need to take themselves less seriously. Jean Paul Gaultier’s take on modern day bridal wedding coiffs is priceless. He flouts the traditional overwrought updo with one that should be memorialized in the annals of artistic  ironic wedding updos. Photo by Yannis Vlamos via

Wheelchair disabled blogger and killer knitter

All those Chanel knit beanies have put a fire in my nimble sausage link fingers. I am on a mission to create a killer beanie. I CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW YOU WHAT I CREATE in the coming weeks.

Until then, A bientôt mes amis.

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