Wheelchair streetstyle at the Manhattan Vintage Show

One of my favorite bi-annual fashion excursions is the Manhattan Vintage Show held at the Metropolitan Pavilion on W. 18th and 6th Ave. It is a must-see since it is not only a repository of vintage apparel and accessories for the fashion obsessed, but also a vast resource for fashion historians, fashion buffs, editors and stylists. This exhibition’s treasure trove also serves film and theater’s costume designers and wardrobers.

At the entrance of show you will find an area dedicated to a fashion designer whose creativity deserves note.

This year the spotlight was on 1990s fashion designer, Gemma Kahng, known for her whimsical, colorful power suits and jackets graced with custom jeweled buttons and closures.


Gemma Khang - Manhattan Vintage Show

Gemma Khang

Gemma Khang Manhattan Vintage Show display

OMG, How 80s are these????

scene from Manhattan Vintage Show

What can you expect? Over 80 vendors displaying rows and rows of racks of garments.

Pretty Cripple at the Manhattan Vintage Show

I love turbans, so I bought this one. This one is from the 1960s with a label that reflects it was created and sold at Lord & Taylor. How gorgeous are these bright pink gem colors?

Vintage hat at the Manhattan Vintage show October 2017

Did this come from comedienne Phyllis Diller’s closet? The crazy thing is we ran into a woman who happens to be in the midst of working on a  Diller film biography. She came to the show seeking hats and apparel that evoke the late comedienne’s style.

Manhattan Vintage Show vintage rhinestone swan sunglasses

Paging Peggy Guggenheim. Are these your sunglasses? These beauties were out of my price range at a cool $1K. How divine.

I had searched  a lipstick red leather jacket for years. Yes years. I finally found one, albeit out of my price range. This Celine jacket had me in tears. Here’s  the video to prove my excitement, sadness and anger all in one. This jacket will haunt me for life.


Potato sack dress Manhattan Vintage show

This was a spud stopper. How about a potato sack dress?

Moschino vintage jacket Manhattan Vintage show

Moschino can always be found at this show. Aren’t the miniature jacket pockets to die for?

80s tacky angora embroidered sweater

This tacky angora sweater is the apotheosis of  over embellished, non edited 80s sweaters. This reminds me of something one of the female characters from the tv series “Dynasty” would have worn.

I HAVE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST. This 1990s patent leather Gucci tote beckoned to me. I had no choice but to caress, admire, drool and ultimately purchase her. Rarely do I buy handbags, usually opting to carry the same one for months on end. I don’t switch bags to match my varying looks since it isn’t worth the trouble. But this Gucci is so perfect, so well made and so cavernous that it is my new go-to bag to shlep my junk ’round the clock. The best part?  The long detachable strap can be worn around my neck, a feature so helpful when maneuvering sidewalk curb cuts on a downward angle. The bag won’t slide down my lap. Yeah!


1990s patent leather gucci tote bag

Kiss my G’s.


If you are looking to be inspired and entertained in NYC, then look no further than the Manhattan Vintage Show. The show is not just for the fashion cognoscenti but also provides a window into fashion history with fascinating narratives.  The items tell tales as do the vendors, each one a passionate collector in his/her own right. The venue is a welcome visual experience replete with a myriad of colors, textures and abundant creativity. I recommend setting up a chaise lounge and people-watching since you will see fashion bloggers, designers, famous fashion editors and fascinating personalities. This is a place to see and be seen. The next show is February 2-3rd 2018. Sign up on their site for updates.

And do make a stop at Motel Morris, a restaurant and bar one block west on 7th Avenue. We dined at the outdoor cafe during a gloriously warm October day. The menu is affordable, the food delicious, the logo branding and retro pink bathroom, simply charming.