wheelchairblogger hits NYC Easter Day Hat parade 2016

Back off and get out of my way suburbs of New York! Magdalena woke up and has left her suburban sarcophagus for the EASTER DAY HAT PARADE!

Anyone who knows me can attest that leaving the ‘burbs to head into NYC is akin to receiving a faux-Molly IV infusion. To be exact, I am alive, uproariously happy, canoodling with strangers and blending with the world’s most offbeat creative, ambitious people on the planet. AMEN NY!

I have attended the New York Easter Hat Parade for the past four years. This year for some reason was the most technicolor-drenched, relaxed of all my years in attendance. Color, color, color. Was it the lighting off the clouds? Was it the tumult of the world and a controversial presidential campaign trail, which amounted to a induced New Yorkers’ creativity of colorful masterpieces, donning heads in defiance of incontrovertible negativity?

I didn’t analyze it for more than a few seconds. All I knew was I needed to greedily embrace 10 dulcet city blocks and record them with my Nikon DSLR.


Vintage duo at the NYC Easter Hat Parade 2016

Dashing, dapper and ohhhhh, wearing PINK SHOES!

Gin Minsky - burlesque dancer easter hat parade

Gin Minsky – Burlesque dancer and exquisite hat donner. Visit Gretchen Fenston Millinery for more info on custom hats.

Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas – Who says 50 and over should be relegated to wearing Florsheim shoes, poly-blend pants, acrylic sweaters or cheap Rite-Aid drugstore readers? Work it and own it.


Dog couture at the easter hat parade 2016 nye

‘Stop staring at me. Piss off.  I look better than you in a fascinator’, says Mr. Pug.

Dog with fascinator hat at the nyc easter hat parade 2016

Bitch, I need to borrow that feather fascinator hat.

Couture dog at the NYC Easter Day Hat Bonnet Parade 2016

That’s right Chihuahua, shine that weirdo canine couture up.


EASTER HAT PARADE 2016 NYC- Corporate Greed

Bunnies rule and politicians should have their head torn off by bunnies, or at least made into their bitch. How many dollars did she have to fold to make this costume? Wait! She is wearing freaking ice skates.

Trump puppet at Easter Hat Parade NYC

Dude and his TRUMP puppet. I rolled up to that damn puppet and said “TRUMP PUPPET, I am voting for BERNIE!” and rolled my free-spirited ass away.


Anti-donald trump NYC easter hat parade 2016

I love how elaborate this woman’s ANTI-TRUMP hat is. “It’s HUGE.”  “No one can get through.” You can get through if you are white and educated though.


Rolando Vega and PrettyCripple from the Easter Hat Parade 2016

Rolando Vega is one of my favorite attendees. He is so damn creative. When I arrived home I had some of his parts caught in my wheelchair. I call that “The inadvertent spokes of fashion’s entrapment.”


Macaroni Man Easter Hat Parade 2016

I saw “macaroni man” from 1 block away,  belched, then wailed. HOLY SHIT! Get to that guy NOW! See? I touch people and don’t give a damn. He gold-sprayed hundreds of macaronis  and  glued them to his costume. I looked at the top of his hat and asked “Are those GOLD CROISSANTS?” Nope. Macaroni. But he said “Oh, that’s brilliant. I will add croissants next year.” Yup, New Yorkers.

Macaroni Man's shoes from the Easter Day Hat Parade 2016

Look at his shoes. Skater shoes with gold macaronis. Oh dear God. I love this guy.


carrot hat -fascinator easter hat parade nye 2016

Carrot fascinator hat. Look at how the hat ties into her “carrot garden” combo delicate scarf. How elegant.


honey bunny easter hat parade 2016 nye

Honey Bunny – I didn’t get a chance to ask her if she has an oxygen tank designed by Elon Musk hidden somewhere in there. I hope she has happy-gas in there. Happy face, YEH!

Psychedelic people at the easter hat parade 2016 nye

Literally a TRIP down Orange Tang Acid Road. Please look at her Owl bag. Imprisonment entered my mind for a split second. I wanted to knock her out, grab her damn owl bag and make a run for it. But you know, fashionable cripples and prison don’t mesh.

Asian hats at the NYC Easter Hat Parade

How matchy-match and wonderful. They bought those sweaters from H&M.

Kermit the frog hat at the easter hat parade nye 2016

I love Kermit the Frog. MUPPETS OVER HUMANS forever.


Pink flower lady at the easter hat parade 2016 nye

Am I creative and vibrant? YES!


Racked Best Vintage Looks at the NYC Easter Hat Parade 2016

I made it to the BEST VINTAGE LOOKS at the NY Easter Hat Parade. Look at the other contenders. They are so beautiful, I can’t get over their creativity.


wheelchair disabled blogger at the easter hat parade 2016

Another year, another great outfit. I bought the red patent jacket at the Manhattan Vintage Show. Hat is vintage, along with the scarf . Pants by J. Brand  and shoes by F-Troupe; sunnies by House of Holland.