For weeks, we have been inundated by traditional news and social media about the solar eclipse. While I have never witnessed a solar eclipse, I have viewed a few lunar eclipses in my lifetime.

Americans lucky enough to be within the eclipse’s full 100% viewing region (Washington, Oregon, South Carolina, etc), have been apoplectic for months in preparation for one of the universe’s most controversial wonders.

And, my reaction? TOTAL A-P-A-T-H-Y! With the constant bombardment of horrific news, it’s a wonder that I’m not homicidal. Humans cause major havoc, hatred, war and distress in the world, so the advent of a natural phenomenon should excite me. But, actually, I prefer other wonders which make my heart sing rather than totally eclipsing it.

Renting a camp space for $400 a night in some godforsaken, mosquito infested dirt pit, gasping over the moon passing over the sun, is surely NOT MY IDEA OF GLAMPING. So what does this princess do? DECAMP to NYC.

Here’s my video reaction to the eclipse.


Miu Miu rhinestone cat eye sunglasses

Couldn’t the makers of ugly paper solar sunnies partner with designers to come up with a better shape and design? Take these rhinestone cat Miu Miu sunnies as an example. It’s not worth going blind staring up into the sun with these.  Am I the only one who wondered about the blindness rate after the eclipse? Was this event a boon for ophthalmologists?

check makr1.Shoes. sHoEs. SHOES.  There are so many damn shoes in NYC which distract me during the solar eclipse. No need for solar sunglasses since I’m too busy looking downward scanning shoes. That’s my ray of sunshine.
2. Niagara Falls. Do you want all the hair on your arms to stand erect? Visit of of the world’s most jaw-dropping waterfalls.
3. Dogs. Love’em ALL. This Saturday, August 26th is National Dog Day. I would rather celebrate my dogs than this rare phenomenon.

4. Good skin care products. One friend recently commented: “OMG your skin is glowing! What are you doing?” Vitamin C serum, people. This serum makes your skin glow, prevents pigmentation and keeps me hydrated. I love the Korean skin care site, SokogLam and this product.

5.  My BIG BOOTY HAUL from Henri Bendel! This NY Fifth Avenue fashion institution has been operating since 1895. For years, this department store was revered for carrying new, cutting edge designers and fashion products.  However, due to the fierce competition of retail, the shift to online sales and accessibility to luxury ecommerce sites, Bendels had to restructure in a big way. The retailer focuses mainly on their private label accessories, such as bags, jewelry and sunglasses. I personally love their vast assortment of signature scented candles, which burn for hours and have the most divine scent.

pretty cripple at Henri Bendel's

The entrance to Bendel’s.

PrettyCripple at Bendels

Did I mention they pass out free macarons? Yes please.

One of the store managers was kind enough to give me special collectible items for my next Pretty Cripple Blog Giveaway.

The giveaway contest starts  August 30th and ends September 13th on Instagram  

henri bendels giveaway

#BendelGirl tshirt in (S/M), perfume roll in scent “Suite 712”, collector’s item piggy bank and jewelry roll.

bendels tshirt bendelsgirl

#BendelsGirl tshirt

Does anyone have an idea when Americans might witness the universe’s next bravura, media obsessed event? I’m hearing that 2024 could be that year. Though I didn’t plan my day around the eclipse, what I saw in NY was truly phenomenal- New Yorkers slowed down, put away their smartphones, donned the special sunglasses to stare up to the sky. A party atmosphere was in the air with everyone talking to each other and sharing their solar sunglasses.  And then of course, the obvious ensued about twenty minutes later. Glasses off and the frenzied pace of life resumed.