NY Fashion Week is Almost here–WTH AM I GOING TO WEAR?

NY fashion week is almost here in NY

I can’t believe New York’s Fashion Week is almost here. It runs September 5-12 throughout NY headquartered at Lincoln Center. Just yesterday, I blogged about Fall Fashion week ’13 and now we are preparing to see Spring 2014. Crazy! I have yet to contemplate my new fall threads!

What shall I wear during Fashion Week and beyond?

My email inbox is clogging up with 2013 fall trends, enticing me at all hours of the day and night. I’m compelled to draw up my list of “lust-haves, must-haves” so I can make the wisest purchasing decisions. What you might not know about me- I am a fastidious note organizer and maintain spread sheets on everything. OK, this might seem a little extreme or bordering on OCD when I confess that I keep a spread sheet of my favorite movies, French restaurants, a wine list which I’ve since abandoned and now, a fashion spread sheet.

The price of well made clothing has gone up like mad. You can read the main reasons in this article. One main reason is that the cost of labor has gone up, particularly in France. So, given that I don’t have the purchasing power I had 10 years ago, and the fact that wages have been stagnant, I am selective of my wardrobe purchases. An organized spread sheet helps me immeasurably in making the best choices possible.

I salivate over fall fashion, particularly coats and jackets. Like shoes, they make a statement and multi-task by providing warmth and concealing those extra winter pounds. Wintertime, I like to throw fondue parties, with pitchers of watermelon sangria topped off with cream cheese frosted cupcakes. So, with my seasonal indulgences and my tendency to be cold, coats and jackets provide the greatest fashion impact for me.

This fall season, leather and shearling are everywhere. I adore shearling and need to update the lipstick cherry red one I bought years ago which still looks spanking new.

So here are some of the items I have chosen to go into my spread sheet for this 2013 fall season.

Fall 2013 coat trends for women

Carven jacket $940 – (I love the coated material of this jacket. The green texture reminds me of a beetle in the “Scarab” family.), Balenciaga coat $1851 – Cédric Charlier shearling coat $3995

Fall Fashion 2013 trends

Jil Sander dress $4690 – MSGM floral dress $708 – Etienne Deroeux leather skirt $630 – Iris & Ink leather dress (This is what I call the “value” version of the Jil Sander option. $455 is a steal for this.)

I love dresses. They are feminine, flattering and not frequently worn by the most women. While I love pencil skirts, they are not practical for someone sitting in a wheelchair. I have a hard time crossing my legs without exposing to the world that I am wearing Wonder Woman Underoos. (Yup, secretly I have a thing for Wonder Woman and like to pretend I am a super hero.) Since my mom reminds me often that I should act and sit like a lady, fuller, flouncier dresses and skirts fit the bill and are more forgiving.

Handbags and “it” bags are not my thing. I prefer shoes. I hate cheap shoes and invest my money in beautifully crafted pairs which will last a very long time. In my February post for 2013 Fall Fashion Week, I included these Altuzarra checkered boots. I love checkered anything ever since my mod and rude girl phase in high school. But wait, I also went through a punk phase. So here are the Zanotti tartan plaid zip boots that make me weak in the knees. As for the black patent leather Pollinis, they remind me of something Catherine Deneuve wore in the 1967 film “Belle du Jour”. The shoes in that film were designed by the much emulated, Roger Vivier. Though the Pollinis are less expensive, they still have that formidable, classic buckle. Any pilgrim woman of yore would duck out early from Sunday services to buy such awesomely buckled pumps. This look doesn’t grow old for me and it’s a definite “lust-have”. My preference is for a chunky heel over a stiletto. I chuckle to myself watching women in stilettos teetering while navigating the old cobbled streets of Nolita. Just a little TMI.

Ahhhh, accessories. Less expensive than an exquisite pair of shoes but just as mouth-watering and show-stopping. Accessories deliver instant impact, fashion cred and transform an outfit. Sunglasses can change your look instantly. This pair by Karen Walker is at the top of my list of “wants” and “needs”. I love the shape, skeleton heads and grayish pink hues. Add this snake printed circle scarf with custom painted brooch by Jamie Kreitman®, the “Piaf” beret and Derek Lam boots and “you’re goin’ places kid.”

My favorite item of all is this red sculptural hat by Lock & Co. Doesn’t it look superb with a simple black turtleneck? I can’t wait to dig out my cashmere turtlenecks and perch this dilly of a hat on my head. Also, I wouldn’t think twice about pairing it with the floral MSGM floral flouncy dress shown above.

Last but not least, I saved the one fashion item that confounds me. This military inspired I-am-not-sure-what-the-hell-this-is number which has me scratching my head. Who would wear this, why and where? After some long and hard thought, I listed perfect places to wear this look:

1. Band camp – You will be one-stand out fashionable gal wearing this hot little number.

2. Sergeant Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band Memorabilia show. I love the Beatles, so I would consider wearing this along with a Capuchin monkey sitting on my left shoulder (think Michael Jackson) to show my devotion.

3. My next blind date. It is really difficult finding a guy who is not only smart, doesn’t have photos of his mommy in his mismatched sock drawer, or who has a good sense of humor. I would love to wear this jacket, with that band hat and enter into a restaurant playing this trumpet. If he gets my humor and laughs, then I am pretty certain we will roll off into the sunset after sharing a plateful of sashimi.

See you in a few weeks in NY at Fashion Week. I can’t wait to see what struts out on the catwalk for Spring 2014.


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  1. Thanks for highlighting our new handcrafted snakeskin print scarf ! Love your choices and your sunny insight into how you make your fashion choices. Can't wait for the NYFW report!

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