Pussy hat movement knitted cat hat

This blinged out version would be perfect for Ivanka Trump to wear at the NYC march.

How does a national women’s social justice movement go viral, simultaneously drawing great interest and the ire of many? Name the movement with pluck, enable participants to easily create the movement’s symbol by way of yarn and knitting/crochet/sewing needles. And make this a political and social statement by wearing the handiwork at a massive march in the nation’s capital, NYC and other USA locations.

 “The Pussyhat Project”, cofounded by Krista Sue and Jana Zweiman during Thanksgiving 2016, was created to make a sharp graphic statement by way of a pink cat-eared hat. This simple hat worn by all attending the Women’s March on Washington, DC, January 21, 2017, is a bold commentary for the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Why a PUSSY HAT? The movement was conceived in order for women to collectively rebuke Trump’s sexist remark ‘grab em by the pussy’, his unapologetic misogyny, and the imminent plan to defund Planned Parenthood.

Think about it–empowering women to make a social and political statement through their HANDS and their HEADS, not to mention their hearts! Women throughout history have used handcraft to make political contributions, notably Betsy Ross. Quilting bees and knitting circles have spawned political and social activism and change. I can certainly channel my energies this way since I learned to knit last winter under the tutelage of knitter extraordinaire, Jamie Kreitman.

knitted cat hat

Meow!!!!!!! Version #2 of Jamie Kreitman’s #pussyhats

Don’t mistake this activism for merely a basic knitting project. This call to arms, with needles in hand, enables women to  make a STRONG and POWERFUL statement collectively through grassroots creativity and old school social networking. Women have been gathering across the country in knitting stores, knitting pop-ups, sewing circles, libraries and homes to participate in social protest via handcraft. They are sending hats to sorting locations to be distributed to marchers, volunteering their time to organize, making hats for others and actively participating in this movement. Social media is brimming with posts of knitters and crafters proudly sharing their hats and their voices. You can even register your hat for recognition of your creation on social media.

Wheelchair Barbie knitted cat hat

Version #3. Jamie even knitted one for my Wheelchair Barbie.

wheelchair disabled blogger wearing pussy hat knitted cat hat

Learn more about the  PUSSY HAT MOVEMENT knitting project.

If you wish to participate, but don’t have time or where-with-all to create the hat, you can purchase one from Jamie Kreitman for a nominal fee, with proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Time is of the essence, please order your hats by January 12th in order for timely shipping.