Pretty Cripple at NY Fashion Week

Today is day five of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NY showcasing designer collections for Spring 2014.

I am following all the collections intently and would like to share with you what is giving me heart palpitations.

There’s LOTS of white for Spring 2014. I am not a fan of white. I rarely get food on my clothing, but when I wear white, my clothing resembles the food-stained shirts frat boys sport during half time at their Super Bowl party. So as a result, you will only see me wearing white when I have evaded security at the US Open to sidle up to Vogue Editor Anna Wintour. Did you catch her yesterday on TV beaming over Serena Williams’ 5th US Open title?


There is a lot of white on the runway for Spring 2014. I recommend carrying a TIDE TO GO stain remover pen in your tote at all times. I do. Even though my tote weighs more than Kate Winslet’s steamer trunk in the movie ‘Titanic’, a Tide pen is worth carrying. Photo credit from left to right: Alessandro Garofalo and Umberto Fratini for

Thus far, Prabal Gurung’s collection is my favorite. I love the lavenders, bright prints with rose motifs, hint of the 1950s, and oh, those sunglasses. They remind me of what the Twilight Zone’s costume designer created with the year 2050 in mind. I am inspired…time to try a super bright peony or lavender colored lipstick.

Prabal Gurung Spring 2014

Photo credit: Marcus Tondo for

My second favorite collection is by Alexander Wang, who used a laser cutting technique to create his logo repetitively. Blatant logos branding made trendy in the 90s by fashion designers is not my thing. However, the craftsmanship in this use of branding is superb and understated.

Laser-Cut-Trends in fashion

Photo credit: Umberto Fratini and Marcus Torido for


Rebecca Minkoff’s floral gladiator sandal booties are phenomenal. I also love turbans, so thank you Derek Lam for adding them to your line up. Photo credit:

Last but not least, this is my favorite hat from all the collections. A fedora and visor hat that appears to be made from popsicle sticks! The craftsmanship of these slab wood pieces is remarkable. I must have one.


Don’t lick my hat. GET YOUR OWN! Photo credit: Marcus Tondo for

Stay tuned for a more thorough review of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week delivers.

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