PrettyCripple W Hotel NYC

You know what else goes well with fashion and politics? A glass of wine. I made a quick stop to the W Hotel before BuzzFeed.

Recently, I made a return visit to Buzzfeed in NYC for another photo shoot. The requested theme of the shoot was to express my ‘politics’ in a signature sartorial fashion statement.

The bloggers chosen for this project discussed their fashion choices, their personal political views and how their ensembles project their ‘political identity.’

In today’s political climate, the majority of Americans have a ‘political identity’, vehemently protect it and harshly criticize those who don’t align with their worldview. I hate this and am repulsed by it. My wish for 2017 is for the ‘left’ and ‘right’ to actually engage in productive political discourse without demonizing each other.

Though you might accuse me of naivete, I still remain a positive person and love America. I have no intention of packing my bags and heading due north to Canada. I love the unmitigated chutzpah of Americans making the assumption that we can simply pack up our shit and be welcomed with open arms in every country. No, I am staying put, however, I will continue to speak out and exercise my Constitutional right. If my views offend people, too bad. Toughen up and move on. Complacency and silence have no place in today’s world.

I have been politically active for many years, having campaigned for months at a time for candidates I deemed electable. Whomever you decide to support, it is important to get involved. You will never look at politics the same once you are in the trenches and witness how much work is involved in running for office. It will blow your mind. I experienced all this when I campaigned on the local level. I can’t fathom the endurance one must have to run on a national or state level.

I sign off with this video. It disturbed me and made me question the nature of humanity. Are you a sheep? Are you a follower? Maybe it’s time to question every situation and be prepared to stand alone as a result. It’s not the worst thing. I have done it since birth and I still have friends, so have no fear. Question everything.