fervently psychedelic at the Psychedelic Furs concert

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined buying a ticket to a live rock concert with a coupon! Welcome to the cost-cutting-if-it-ain’t-cheap-I-don’t-want-it modern day America. We’ve been slogging through a recession for years so naturally start-ups have seized the opportunity to create deal-of-the-day websites. You can purchase services and goods for a steal. Groupon recently offered a ticket deal for British alternative rock 80s band, The Psychedelic Furs at the Wellmont Theater in NJ. As a teen, I loved their music and have always had an affinity for lanky, pale, chisel-faced British men with spiky, disheveled hair.

I rounded up 9 of my friends on a cold, dreary rainy April Friday night, perfect weather for a band formed in a country which rarely sees sunlight. When I attend concerts of 80s bands, which regroup and reemerge, I marvel over the wide age range of the audience. Even more exciting is running into people I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. That’s when I know that the night will be memorable, nostalgic and dreamy.

Psychedelic Furs then and now

The band then and now. Top photo credit: Copusetic.com  Bottom photo credit: Scott Allan PR/Photos

Usually, I don’t head to the front of the stage since I loathe crowds and it is hard for me to see. I can’t view the stage above or through people, given my main focal view is someone’s posterior. So, I head back to the special velvet-rope VIP section for the disabled in wheelchairs. For whatever reason, I chose to ignore my usual vantage-ass-point and wait for the Furs to deliver music up close. Better to take close range photos.

wheelchair disabled street style psychedelic furs fan

What did Richard Butler yearn for me to wear to his show? A flapper hat, sequin striped top by Alice & Olivia, Adrienne Landau red trench coat, which I purchased at the Manhattan Vintage Show, purple velvet pants by Dana B.,  Vince Camuto leather arm warmers, Go-Go boots by Fornarina and faux fur scarf by Jamie Kreitman. A friend commented about the pants: “Tell me those aren’t purple velvet pants. Those bad boys are fine enough to hang on a wall for an Elvis’ portrait.”

psyched fans

psychedelic furs fan at wellmont theater NJ

Don’t you love this woman’s dress and matching coat? Vintage of course.

Lori Majewski and John Clifford

I had the pleasure of meeting Lori Majewski and her husband John Clifford. Lori just finished writing a book called “MAD WORLD“, an oral history of New Wave artists and songs that defined the 1980s. The forward is written by Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran and the Afterword by singer Moby. Check out her website to listen to 80s music and read posts about the amazing 80s bands that continue to inspire us decades later.

  psychedelic furs fans at wellmont theater NJ   Psychedelic furs fans 2 - Wellmont Theater NJ   Psychedelic Furs fan in black

“Age is only a number” is an axiom that I like to embrace. Judging by the appearance of all the members, I was happy that my axiom rang true. Original members Richard Butler (lead singer) and his brother, Tim ( bass guitarist ) were dressed in black, were fit and trim. They were joined by Rich Good (guitar), Mars Williams (saxophone), Amanda Kramer (keyboards), and Paul Garisto (drums) who wooed the crowd within minutes. “Heartbeat” opened the night with “The Ghost in You” following my favorite song. A welcome addition was “Little Miss World“, a new song which hopefully will attract more followers since they haven’t recorded anything new since the 90s.

Richard Butler Wellmont Theater NJ

Lead singer Richard Butler playing the tambourine.

  Richard Butler singing Wellmont Theater NJ

Looking around the venue, fans were content to see Richard Butler’s jovial countenance and eagerness to shake hands with the crowd. He still had the swagger and emotion he put into his songs in the 80s, sung in a raspy, sexy voice delivering all the notes I remember.

When they sang the 1981 originally recorded song “Pretty in Pink” I felt nostalgic for the John Hughs movie and song, which was re-recorded in 1986 for the movie. How could I not be nostalgic for a song I first heard when I fell in love for the first time with a pasty, lanky, skateboarding, punk rock love-letter writing imbecile?

Tim Butler guitarist Psychedelic Furs

Tim Butler – Richard’s brother and bass guitarist. Sunglasses at night? Soooo 80s.

After a few somber moments of introspection about high school love, I realized Mars Williams was hovering two feet over me with music’s most glorious instrument, the saxophone. I don’t play the sax and may never, but that instrument captivates me. I couldn’t take my eyes off his strong solo performances in “Danger,” “All of This and Nothing,” and “Pulse.”

Mars Williams saxophonist

Saxophonist Mars Williams

The Butler Boys

The Butler Boys


I was surprised when they chose “President Gas” and “India” as encores. “President Gas” is one I haven’t listened to in decades and is probably their most political, written in the Thatcher- Reagan era.

 “…You’ll say yeah to anything If you believe all this but Don’t cry, don’t do anything No lies, back in the government No tears, party time is here again President gas is up for president Line up, put your kisses down Say yeah, say yes again Stand up, there’s a head count President gas on everything but roller skates It’s sick the price of medicine Stand up, we’ll put you on your feet again Open up your eyes…”

Richard Butler and Max

Richard and Mars.

I was hoping they would perform more than the 16 songs they chose.  I longed to hear “It Goes On”, and “Until She Comes.” But then I noticed something I had not seen the entire evening. Richard Butler was wearing saddle shoes. SADDLE SHOES! I never see men wear them and absolutely adore when they do. I have worn them since high school and even bought a new pair within the past two years covered in polka dots. Even though they put on a great performance for their adoring fans, I couldn’t stop shaking my head the rest of the night while muttering “saddle shoes.” Currently they don’t list tour dates past April, but I have a feeling they will add some new dates soon. Make a point to see them live.

real men wear saddle shoes[Tweet “Real men wear #saddleshoes. #RichardButler @pfurs http://bit.ly/1etL6Hs”]

Bass Polka Dot saddle shoes

On a scale of 1 to 10 tell me how jealous you are of my polka dot Bass saddle shoes? You are never too old or too young to wear them.

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