Cuts for Mutts Fundraiser I was just a kid in rust colored corduroys when I first begged and pleaded for a dog. I didn’t care what kind of dog- could’ve been hairless, shaggy, wrinkly or scraggly. I wanted a damn dog! In the end, I didn’t get my canine friend, but instead got a teddy bear hamster named Fifi, who became my confidante and friend.

When my family left Queens to move to the wilds of northern, NJ, I finally received a Golden Retriever mix named Pikey. His name was taken from the brackish-water loving fish.

Dogs have been a major part of my life and I am committed to animal causes. So when my hair stylist, Peggy Marzell of Synergy Hair Salon in New City, NY told me about a fund raiser for Rockland County’s sole Animal Shelter – Hi-Tor, I felt it was my duty to volunteer.

Synergy Hair Salon New City NY

Hi-Tor Animal Shelter of Pomona, NY has been taking care of strays and surrendered animals since 1973. They save approximately 2,500 animals each year and work tirelessly to find all animals a new adopted home. The shelter has volunteers who care for the animals, along with veterinarians who donate their time for medical care and treatment. Unfortunately, after all these years of being in operation, Hi-Tor is in need of repair, renovation and expansion.

Adopt pets at Hi-Tor Animal Shelter Pomona NY

The Humane Society of the United States quotes a national community average expenditure of $8 per resident per year for animal care and control in 2009. In Rockland county, government funding for the shelter cumulatively amounts to about $0.64 per resident per year. In such an affluent county, this situation is a disgrace. Luckily, there are many who would volunteer to protect the welfare of animals. Fundraising to repair and renovate shelters is a huge undertaking which will require many fund-drives and the generosity of corporations. The fundraising goal in Rockland County is $1M. So far over $200,000 has been raised and meeting this goal in the future is anticipated.

I attended the most recent fundraiser “Cuts for Mutts” Sunday, May 5th at the New Synergy Salon in New City, NY. The owners offered 1/2 off regular priced haircuts and blow outs (for humans, not pets) with all proceeds going to benefit the shelter. Volunteers from the shelter sold food and asked visitors for donations or volunteer their time to feed, walk, and wash the animals.

Cuts for Mutts fundraiser - Magda

 What would a mutt expect me to wear to this event? The “Julietta” schoolboy linen hat by Goorin HatsRay Ban® sunnies as worn with my Pickle Hat, Hanami “real flower” jewelry necklace, Casual Couture by Green Envelope top (Made in the US), J. Crew cropped pants, fishnet socks, High Top sneakers.

What I love most about these fund raisers is that the volunteers bring a handful of dogs from the shelter in the hope of finding them adoptive homes. Here are some pooches who need good homes:


“Runner” – Pit Lab Terrier mix – 2 years old


“Casper” – White Pit Bull – 1.5 years old


“James” – Coonhound American Bulldog mix. 1.5 years old


“Tiger” – Pit Bull mix – 11 months old.

The day ended on a successful note with $3800 raised. Thanks to the volunteers and everyone who donated.

If you would like more information about HI-Tor and their future “Rebuild-HI Tor” fund raisers, please visit their website.

Re-Build Hi Tor Animal Shelter Rockland County NY

If you would like to donate please click here. Time is valuable and appreciated. If you would like to visit the shelter and volunteer, contact them at 845-215-5020 or find them on Facebook. Or you can also help with their fundraising efforts. They are in need of expertise in public relations, business outreach and administrative help. Duties include responding to Rebuild correspondences, event planning, grant application and assisting with the biweekly publication of the email Rebuild Newsletter.

If you live in the Rockland County, NY area and have friends who might be interested in rebuilding this shelter, please share this post.

Please consider adopting a dog or cat. All the animals are so friendly and will most certainly fall in love with you. I saw it for myself at the fund raiser. Adoption is a great gift and I am so proud to have participated in this worthy event.