Fashionably frozen at fall fashion week

New York has received record breaking amounts of snow and low temperatures this winter. Our fave meteorologists flash their neon white toothy smiles when mouthing the newly created buzz phrase–the POLAR VORTEX.

It is certainly challenging maintaining one’s fashionable standards when frigid air shoots up your dress and those spanking new Louboutins are pelted with salt. I wanted to attend NY Fashion Week this year at Lincoln Center, but decided on hibernation. I could not join the intrepid minions who brave the elements to be photographed by the fashion paparazzi.

For someone in a wheelchair, it is not easy rolling around in 30 pounds of layers, have your buttery, pristine leather gloves be covered in wet salt and the cuffs of my shearling coat soused in dirt and snow.

Wheelchair fall runway 2014 fashion

What does one wear during a Polar Vortex? Coat by Iconoclast, Fendi pants, sequin studded wedge sneakers by Ash and faux fur scarf by Jamie Kreitman that a Muppet would proudly wear. Bright fur is all the rage this year. Top off your nails with Illamasqua nail polish in “Rare.”

This year’s street stylers wanted to maintain their fashion sense, but had to succumb to practicality in the face of frigid air. They layered their colorful, shawl collared coats with knits, beanies, thick stockings and tossed aside their 6 inch heels for heavy, thick rubber mountaineer boots. Their attire was more suitable for a sleigh ride in the Canadian Rockies than attending the runway shows. Even Vogue Magazine commented how they wanted to get their hands on Sorel boots, which have been sold out.

Street style from NYFW fall 2014

I love street styler Preetma Singh. Her mixing of color and texture is daring and liberating. From the green hair to the muppet fuzzy stole, down to the Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop boots that I almost bought in November. This look is what should inspire others to just GO FOR IT! Photo credit: Driely S. via

So, I sat home in heavy fleece and studied how another polar vortex could influence fashion for fall 2014.

Two areas stood out the most and surpassed last year’s designs. Coats and textured, knitted sweaters and tops.

I have mentioned in the past how I love coats. The Fall 2014 collections have so many coat offerings which I covet, I’d better start saving now.

You can look fashionable even in the grip of the polar vortex. These are some coats that will hit stores this fall, but also consider what you should not wear.

North Face jacket and Moncler Grenoble

Thumbs down to North Face on the left — Thumbs UP! to Fall 2014 Moncler Grenoble on the right. (photo credit Moncler Grenoble via

Let me mention how much I hate the sight of dowdy, puffy, North Face jackets that the majority of suburban women wear. The only time one should be in seen in NORTH FACE is if they are SHIT-FACED.

I would sooner be seen drunk swaddled in a queen-size duvet cinched at the waist with a bungee cord, than wear anything by North Face. Ladies, consider tossing out North Face and purchase one of these lofty beauties instead.

Alexander Wang - Altuzarra coats Fall 2014

Photo credit: Alexander Wang coat – Marcus Tondo; Altuzarra – Yannis Vlamos via

Jason Wu and Delpozo coats for Fall 2014

Photo credit for Jason Wu – Gianni Pucci; Delpozo – Livio Valerio via

The second thing that caught my eye on the runway was all the fur, faux fur, quality fleece that resembles fur and thick tactile, mixed textures. Coziness reigns and the knitted, chunky sweaters with high thick collars and boxy sweatshirts will make me want to start hibernating in October. Comfort can be fashionable and not sloppy!

Fuzzy sweaters Fall Fashion Week 2014

DKNY photo credit: Umberto Fratini; Tanya Taylor – Yannis Vlamos; Brandon Sun – Alexa Geana; Jeremy Scott – Yanis Vlamos; Carolina Herrera – Yannis Vlamos all via

Favorite sweaters sweatshirts for Fall 2013

Photo credit: Tess Giberson –; Karen Walker – Marcus Tondo; Organic-John Patrick – Alessandro Garofalo

Favorite standouts from NY Fashion Week Fall 2014

DRUM ROLL!!!!!! These are my favorite stand out pieces. Photo credit: Phillip Lim –; VFiles – Alessandro Garofalo; Adidas furry checkered trainers at the Edun show via

I doubt many are concerned with runway fashion this week. And yet again, we will be blanketed with one foot of snow by Storm Pax Thursday night. Not to mention the Sochi Olympics and Russia are on the radar.

As for me, I have Valentine’s Day on my mind and what I will be wearing for an event I am excited to be attending. Oh what to wear? Even though red is my favorite color–and a color seen on the runways this week–given the amount of snow and dirt squirting into my tire spokes, I am leaning towards a shimmery black palette. I also have the perfect item to top my head out of anger; a frolicsome, pom-pom constructed out of the pelt of that corpulent, Punxsutawney-Phil groundhog, who predicted winter will continue for another six weeks. Phil’s progeny had better not see his shadow next year, or else.