hair stencils temporary hair color

America is in the throes of the most ridiculous and farcical political campaign season I have ever witnessed.  How will Hillz and Trump ‘Make America Great Again?’ I don’t care about GREAT. Rather, I would be satisfied with a mediocre slogan that appeals to the majority of Americans.

Such as, “No guarantees I won’t make you puke. VOTE and get a free Dunkin Donuts donut.” Mmmm, donuts.  Now that’s something to contemplate. So, if I don’t merit a free donut  from these enticements, then I need to be distracted by something else.  And that something else should not destroy my brain, liver or drain my bank account. Where to turn?

Hillary Clinton wants you to have a Free Donut. Vote

That’s right ‘Merica, everyone gets a FREE donut. You’re entitled!!!!

By sheer serendipity, I found the answer to my dilemma in the “Back To School” section at Staples office supply store. Mind you, I have no intention of ever going back to school, but I still like to scout those aisles. Standing there transported me to my school years, when I scribbled galore onto legal yellow note pads. Today, kids stare at a note pad attempting to push buttons. Thankfully, the iPad comes to the rescue in this matter. I quickly came back to earth and wheeled up to the plastic stencil section.  A DIY lightbulb went off. Instantly, I was reminded of a video on Instagram, one of  hairstylist, Janine Ker, who spray paints designs onto hair with temporary hair color and stencils. This is a perfect project to while away a summer afternoon. I love the option of washing out a design–or DIY hair mishap–in one shampoo.

With templates in tow, I then went to Party City to score a few cans of temporary hair spray for only $3.99 a can.

There is no way you can stencil your hair with spray paint hair solo. Luckily, my friend, Jamie Kreitman, fashion designer and collaborator, helped me with this project.

What appeared to be a simple DIY project, wasn’t exactly so.  I wasn’t aware that inhaling paint fumes was part of the deal. The nozzle on the paint could’ve been narrower for better accuracy when spraying the stencil shape. Our attempts turned out a little messy due to unexpected paint bleed.  It was our first try and I’d consider other alternatives to achieve better results. Perhaps cutting the template design out of a single plastic sheet, so that the paint won’t bleed around the edges. Another tip is to shake the paint can vigorously before spraying and find a good distance from which to aim the nozzle.

spray hair stencils for hair

oops. The pink bled a bit.

See what I mean? The pink bled. Practice and patience.

Have I inspired you to spray paint your hair anytime soon? Don’t you agree that in this BIZARRO world we need distractions that are on the creative side?

I haven’t been writing blog posts as much as I would like, because I have been busy pursuing other creative endeavors. Currently the arts organization in which I am involved, Haverstraw RiverArts, is in full swing producing several events. This is very time consuming and our efforts are slowly paying off. We are very excited to be receiving our 501 (c) (3) status any day.

Curious, do you believe in coincidences in life? Recently, I met a playwright who asked me to star in his play. To make a long story short, I sat for the first reading a couple of weeks ago and will be a part of this new production fall 2017. I am thrilled about this new artistic challenge and will provide more details in the future.  Who would’ve guessed this opportunity would come my way! You just never know what life throws your way. Though I have a touch of stage fright, I believe I am up to task.  If you afraid or insecure about certain things in life, ask yourself “why”.  Do you seize upon something that comes your way or do you shy away? I suggest embracing the opportunity. Find something you like and become passionate about it.  Though you may doubt yourself, don’t harp upon it. You can be your worst critic, so GET OVER IT, get out and inspire!