Greetings comrades. How are you Putin-up with this year? Rather than have an interminable meltdown, I started a new endeavor. Allow me to present: The Magdalena Wrap Knitting Pattern. I teamed up with my bestie, fashion designer, @tongueinchicjamiekreitman, to create a Jamie Kreitman® x Pretty Cripple® knitting pattern. It knits up so quickly, make one for you, friends and family. It is an easy knit wrap in a myriad of colorways with a hood option. Style it YOUR way since the closure is adjustable. The yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease. I love knitting with @lionbrandyarn and their extensive collection and palettes. 

Dust off your chunky needles, click your sticks and make a fashion statement. This ‘ain’t no typical granny wrap’. The pattern will provide the inspo to knit your chunky show-stopping DIY knitting piece on big needles in mere hours.

Purchase it here:

Knit your wrap and show us the love by tagging #MagdalenaWrap 

This is @BlueFlynn. I made this custom wrap for her. Doesn’t she look like a superhero from a dystopian comic book?

I will have a few custom wraps available to purchase on Etsy for $195 plus shipping within the next couple of weeks. Stay tune and Das Vedanya.